Jeffersonville Federal Center

The US Census Bureau operates this facility and employs over 7,000 employees during peak times. The old deaerator was at the end of useful life and B2 Constructors procured and installed a new deaerator, structural steel, piping, electrical and associated controls. An existing 26′ tall curtain wall window was removed to pick the old DA out and place the new DA into position. The existing mezzanine steel had to be reworked to accommodate the new DA and surge tank. New condensate, steam and vent piping , steam PRV stations, Primary Make-Up and Secondary Make-Up valve stations were installed. During the demo an abandon DA was also removed from the building as well as abandon in place pumps and piping.

New electrical and controls were installed to automate the process including system level control, Boiler Feedwater Pump interlock, remote alarms and annunciators and Condensate Pump safe guards to prevent dead heading during low flow conditions.