Louisville VAMC – 6 South Reheats

The Robley Rex VA in Louisville, KY is switching some of their existing Steam Coils from steam to hot water heating on the 6th Floor. To make the switch, the existing Coil and Piping system is to be demoed and replaced with new Coils, Piping, Pumps, Heat Exchanger, Flash Tank, Air Separator, Expansion Tank, Electrical and Controls. A new Mechanical Room is to be built on the 7th Floor to house the new mechanical equipment. This new Mechanical space is currently occupied and must be relocated. This space this room is to be relocated to is also currently occupied, but a dividing partition wall is to be installed after the room is demoed, separating these two new spaces. After demo, the 6th and 7th Floors are to receive new Acoustical Ceilings, Flooring, Partitions, Doors, Wall Protection, Lighting, Controls and Fire Alarms. The hospital is to remain fully operational throughout construction.

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
Location: Robley Rex VA Medical Center – Louisville, KY
Contract Number: VA249-17-C-0237
Contract Type: Sealed Bid – Fixed Firm Price
Award Price: $296,908
Completion Date: July 2018 (Est.)