B2 was incorporated in 2015, but the experience and vision had long been in motion. With an active-duty US Marine Corps background, a decade of Mechanical Engineering and Project Management experience and a successful track record of managing over $50M in capital projects, the decision was made to form a company that could cross over from Corporate America and deliver top echelon services to the government. By utilizing the professional Project Management experience as an Owner’s Engineer as well as the Engineer of Record’s Project Manager, the company’s management has a unique advantage in understanding projects from both sides of the table. We believe that having a detailed eye, focusing on customer service and a thorough understanding of all project aspects, exemplify why B2 Constructors holds the experience and traits needed to become a premier government prime contractor. View B2’s founders’ resume here.

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

B2 Constructors is a fully verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and is listed with the Department of Veteran Affairs, Center for Verification and Evaluation. We seek subcontractors who are interested in taking part in SDVOSB set-aside projects for the various Federal Government agencies, whether they themselves are an SDVOSB or not. We can also pair with larger prime contractors on large scale project to help fulfill set-aside requirements. We encourage prime contractors and subcontractors alike who are interested in SDVOSB set-aside project to contact us to express interest. We’re always interested in discussing future opportunities and building relationships in the process.


For each project, we set out to delivery service like we would expect for ourselves, nothing less. This means taking the time to fully understand the project specifications, maintaining a high level of attention to detail throughout the project, enforcing safety requirements on the jobsite and ensuring the project is built to meet or exceed specifications and quality standards. Our approach to project management is elementary, fully understand our clients’ needs and deliver exactly what’s expected. We accomplish this by employing high caliber employees who are well versed in the industry and refuse to cut corners throughout the project execution. No project is too minor not to receive this approach.

Company Vision

Our foundation is based on the management team’s Corporate America multi-disciplinary industry experience. Our extensive history in the engineering, procurement and construction approach is what sets us apart from a vast majority of SDVOSB’s in the Federal market place. We strive for perfection in customer service as building lasting relationships with our clients is paramount. It’s our belief that if we can deliver a project that meets or exceeds our Standard of Excellence, provide seamless integration for the client and expedite rework of warranty claims, we’ve delivered services consistent with what we expect for ourselves.