Design Build

design build officeB2 Constructors, LLC has a lengthy history of projects in the EPC (Engineer-Procure-Construct) form. Also called turn-key projects because of their ease of implementation and minimal risk and input from the client. These projects place the bulk of the risk on the EPC Contractor, but the client retains full involvement as in any project.

Once the project specs and schedule are established, we can begin the preliminary engineering phase with review cycle frequency dependent upon the client’s needs. After preliminary engineering is complete and we have the clients approval, specs will be developed for the equipment procurement and we will begin the procurement cycle. Clients remain in the know and will be have the ability to review and approve equipment drawings if they desire. The detailed engineering cycle will run in parallel to equipment procurement as equipment drawings are received. Once procurement is finalized and all equipment drawings are received in-house, detailed engineering can be complete. At this point, a final engineering design review will take place and all parties will sign off on the final engineering design.

Immediately following design approval, we will develop construction specifications and issue bid packages for trade specific work to include: mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, controls, etc. Bids will be evaluated in house and contracts awarded based on adherence to specifications and parameters set forth by B2 Constructors and the client. Contracts will be awarded to subcontractors and the project will move into the construction phase. A full-time onsite Construction Manager and/or Project Manager will manage construction to ensure full and complete adherence to project specifications and schedule by each subcontractor. As a company, we believe in being proactive and spotting issues in advance of them becoming a problem or a change order.

The Construction Manager will see the construction through to completion, at which point our Commissioning Manger will take control and drive the project home. Our Construction Manager will remain onsite and assist the Commissioning Manager as well as work with subcontractors to aggressively close out any open punchlist items. We understand this is a critical phase of the project and can easily be overlooked as all parties are moving to close out the project. We are resolute, remain fully involved here and push extra hard to make a timely and prudent closeout. B2 Constructors can provide commission services or we can work with the clients Commissioning Manager to ensure successful commissioning. We will support the project in any fashion depending on the client’s needs and requirements.