Rental Boilers & Rental Chillers

When you need a rental boiler or chiller, it’s usually an emergency that demands immediate action. Unfortunately, VHA 1810-compliant rental boilers are not available for rent. Recognizing this critical gap, B2 is proactively working to certify VHA 1810-compliant boilers for use across the Veterans Affairs hospital network, ensuring these facilities have reliable options when needed.

Our commitment to rapid response and expert solutions was recently demonstrated in South Florida. A client urgently required a rental boiler to supplement an aging fire tube boiler nearing the end of its operational life. Simultaneously, the West Palm VA Medical Center faced a dire situation: severe tube erosion had forced one of their boilers out of service, leaving them in desperate need of redundancy.

B2 was chosen for this critical task because of our intimate knowledge of the VA’s boiler plant, which we gained through our recent design-build installation of a new deaerator tank at this location. Leveraging our extensive expertise and familiarity with the facility, we swiftly specified and delivered a rental boiler tailored to their needs. This rapid deployment ensured the continuous operation of the West Palm VA Medical Center and highlighted B2’s dedication to supporting mission-critical healthcare infrastructure.

Our ability to provide immediate, practical solutions in times of crisis underscores the value of our proactive approach and technical prowess. As we continue to work towards VHA 1810 certification for rental boilers, B2 remains committed to being the trusted partner that hospitals and healthcare facilities can rely on, no matter the urgency or complexity of their needs.