Boiler Plant Services –
Testing & Tuning

Boiler Plant Services – Safety Device Testing & Boiler Combustion Tuning

B2 Constructors can help ensure VA facilities remain VHA-1810 compliant by providing comprehensive services, including:


Semi-Annual Boiler Combustion Tuning:

Optimize boiler combustion performance by fine-tuning the combustion process, usually on multiple fuels.


Boiler Plant Safety Device Testing:

Regular testing to verify the functionality of all boiler plant safety devices, preventing potential unplanned outages.


Annual Inspections:

Conduct thorough internal and external inspections of boilers, deaerators, and condensate tanks.


Six-Year Mag Particle Non-Destructive Testing:

Inspect the longitudinal and circumferential welds of deaerators for integrity, safety, and life expectancy of the DA tank.

VHA-1810 mandates at least one visit per year from an outside contractor, but some facilities choose to have all services performed externally. B2 offers tailored services to meet specific client needs and preferences, ensuring facilities remain compliant and operational.

By choosing B2, facilities gain a partner dedicated to maintaining peak efficiency and safety, backed by extensive expertise and a commitment to client satisfaction.