Mechanical Systems

As general contractors and mechanical engineers, we thrive on projects that showcase our deep-rooted mechanical expertise and solid skillset. Our passion lies in tackling the challenges of design-build projects, especially when clients are uncertain of their needs. We excel in guiding clients to economical and efficient solutions, leveraging our extensive experience as engineers and constructors.

From the outset, we recognized that self-performance was crucial to maintaining schedule, quality, and reputation. This commitment led us to become a union contractor and a United Association signatory contractor under the National Maintenance and Service Agreement. This agreement grants us the flexibility to work in any local jurisdiction, providing the reach and adaptability needed to take on projects wherever they arise.

Self-performance requires precision and accuracy in estimating, particularly for the design-build projects we routinely handle. Our in-house team excels in mechanical, plumbing, and ductwork estimating and mechanical pipe design. When PE-stamped drawings are needed, we can provide them through our partnerships, ensuring all necessary regulatory requirements are met.

Our comprehensive capabilities include:
  • Water-cooled and air-cooled chillers: Design, installation, and maintenance.
  • Boilers: Installation, maintenance, combustion tuning, and system integration for optimal efficiency.
  • Steam and condensate piping: Expertise in high-pressure systems for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Hydronic piping: Design and installation for efficient and reliable heating and cooling systems.
  • Cooling towers: Engineering solutions for effective heat rejection.
  • Heat exchangers: Customized solutions for efficient thermal transfer.
  • Pumping systems: Design and install reliable and efficient pumping solutions.
  • Compressed air systems: Installation and maintenance of high-performance systems for various commercial and industrial needs.

Our process involves close collaboration with clients, from developing project specifications and schedules to preliminary engineering, equipment, material procurement, detailed engineering, and construction. This ensures client involvement and approval at every phase, fostering transparency and trust.

We utilize Procore for project management, which enhances our ability to deliver projects on time and within budget. Our emphasis on self-performance means we control critical aspects of the work, maintaining the highest quality and safety standards.

Our team’s vast experience in both engineering and construction allows us to handle complex projects efficiently. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs, ensuring their satisfaction and the successful handover of every project.

By emphasizing self-performance, union affiliation, and a wide range of mechanical capabilities, we position ourselves as industry leaders, ready to tackle any challenge and deliver exceptional results.