(General Contractor)

B2 Constructors has grown into a multi-state licensed commercial general contractor, operating from metro Atlanta with a typical reach of up to 750 miles. We utilize industry-leading software and technology, which are exceptionally uncommon for a mid-sized general contractor. We have the capacity and experience to construct most scopes in the first 33 divisions, with a strong focus on healthcare construction. Our professionals are equipped with the best tools to ensure consistent, accurate, and repeatable results, instilling confidence in our ability to handle complex projects while the client remains operational.

Over the past decade, B2 has emerged as a promising general contractor with strong bonding capacity. Our commitment to continuous self-improvement demonstrates our dedication and reliability. Our unique experience as the Owner’s Engineer and the Engineer of Record has given us a comprehensive view of the construction process, providing invaluable insights into what each side seeks from a partnership.


We are committed to high accuracy and efficiency, contributing to lower overhead, avoiding internal inefficiencies, and making us more competitive. Accuracy is the pinnacle of a structured business, leading to efficiency, quality, on-time delivery, and projects that stay within or under budget, translating into tangible cost savings for our clients.

Most of our projects are constructed via the design-bid-build delivery method. While this method has been predominant, it often leads to longer construction times and increased risks. Engineers may not always design fully buildable projects, leading to redesigns, change orders, lost time, increased costs, and delayed projects for the client.

It’s common for B2 and other competent general contractors to lose bids to less capable competitors. However, if the client chooses this method, we bring our unique perspective to the table. We discuss the client’s design, our offering, and potential pitfalls from our experience as general contractors, engineers, and mechanical contractors. This insight can guide the client in avoiding design issues that could undermine project success. The lowest bid doesn’t always translate to the lowest overall cost for the client, so we value the opportunity to sit at the table and deliver savings to the client’s bottom line through value engineering.

Our In-House Capabilities:
  • Budgeting
  • Accounting
  • Certified Payroll
  • Engineering
  • Value Engineering
  • Estimating all trades
  • All Preconstruction Activities
  • Scheduling
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Material Procurement
  • Subcontractor Negotiations and Management
  • Quality Control via Army Corps of Engineers QCM Standards
  • Construction Management
  • Site Superintendence
  • Site Safety and Health
  • Commissioning