Chiller Preventative Maintenance

Atlanta VA Medical Center (Atlanta, GA)

The Chiller Preventative Maintenance project at the Atlanta VA Medical Center was a comprehensive five-year program that successfully maintained and enhanced the efficiency and operational availability of the facility’s critical cooling systems. This extensive maintenance effort covered water and air-cooled chillers, cooling towers, pumps, and variable frequency drives (VFDs). The scope of work included routine preventive maintenance, such as regular inspections, calibration, cleaning, lubrication, and performance evaluations conducted quarterly and annually. Additionally, the project encompassed emergency maintenance services, providing rapid response for urgent repairs and the availability of emergency chiller and air handler rentals to ensure uninterrupted operation.

This full-service maintenance program upheld the operational integrity of the cooling systems, which were essential for patient care and the overall functionality of the medical center. By ensuring all equipment operated according to manufacturer specifications, the project minimized downtime and enhanced system reliability. The maintenance team was responsible for all aspects of the service, including the provision of necessary supervision, labor, parts, and equipment. Including routine and emergency maintenance services ensured that the Atlanta VA Medical Center remained well-prepared to handle any potential issues, maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for patients and staff.

The benefits of this program extended beyond mere compliance with technical standards. Through proactive maintenance, the project helped in the early detection of potential issues, thereby reducing the risk of major breakdowns and expensive repairs. This approach not only enhanced the lifespan of the cooling equipment but also ensured energy efficiency, contributing to overall cost savings for the facility. The maintenance program represented a commitment to excellence and reliability, which is crucial for continuously operating the medical center’s critical infrastructure.