Design-Build Replace Failing Deaerator Tank and Controls

West Palm Beach VA Medical Center (West Palm Beach, FL)

The West Palm Beach VA Medical Center, established in 1995, provides comprehensive medical services to veterans in South Florida. The facility includes a 254-bed tower and a large community living center with a range of inpatient and specialized care services​​.

This B2 lead design-build project at the medical center involved replacing the failing deaerator tank and installing a new boiler feedwater control system, including new high-pressure steam flow meters throughout the boiler plant. The existing DA tank had 40,000 lbs/hr. and a storage capacity, but it was grossly oversized. The new DA tank, installed on the second-floor mezzanine area, has a capacity of 26,000 lbs/hr water output and a storage capacity of 102 cubic feet. The project also upgraded programmable loop controllers, which manage the boiler feedwater system, including boiler feedwater pumps, level controls, and boiler feedwater control valves​​​​​.

The project was completed by demolishing and replacing the DA tank, steam PRV station, steam, condensate, makeup drain and vent piping, mechanical insulation, electrical, plant boiler feedwater controls, and new high-pressure steam flow meters. B2 Constructors self-performed the job using local union labor, ensuring our commitment to quality and adherence to a tight schedule with minimal disruption to the medical center’s operations