Improve Irrigation System and Water Service

Springfield National Cemetery (Springfield, MO)

The Springfield National Cemetery, established in 1867, is a historic resting place for veterans from multiple conflicts, including the Civil War. Initially created for Civil War Union soldiers, the cemetery expanded in 1871 to include Confederate soldiers and now encompasses over 18 acres with nearly 30,000 grave sites. This landmark cemetery is a testament to American military history, with interments from wars dating back to the Revolutionary War and both sides of the war that shaped America.

This project involved a comprehensive upgrade to the cemetery’s irrigation system and water service to ensure optimal water supply to the graveyard. The underground irrigation system provides 100% coverage of the entire cemetery, featuring central control stations and a two-wire decoder control system. A new VFD-controlled booster pump station, which delivers 425 GPM at 120 psi and a 200A power service and disconnect, ensures efficient and sufficient water distribution. A new city water main tap and 6” water supply line were installed to ensure adequate flow, including new backflow preventers.

Additional enhancements include extending water service to the maintenance and administration buildings, demolishing and replacing concrete pavements and sidewalks, and milling and repaving the main administration building’s parking lot with new pavement markings. New Flower Watering Stations were installed throughout the cemetery, which included new receptacles and wayfinding signage, soil amendments, and sod installation. These all combine to ensure the cemetery remains a dignified and respectful environment for honoring our nation’s veterans.