Install ADA Upgrades

Gainesville VA Medical Center (Gainesville, FL)

The Gainesville VA Medical Center, officially known as the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center, is a major healthcare facility in Gainesville, FL. The medical center occupies approximately 140 acres of land and comprises 30 buildings dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to veterans. As part of the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System, the medical center features a large bed tower with over 300 beds. It treats over 135,000 veterans annually, offering various medical, surgical, and psychiatric services. Named after Malcolm Randall, a longtime director of the VA hospital system, the facility has continually expanded and modernized to meet the evolving needs of veterans.

B2 Constructors undertook the “Install ADA Upgrades” project to enhance accessibility and ensure the medical centers’ compliance with the VA Barrier Free Guide. This project involved extensive exterior modifications to provide unimpeded access for disabled veterans. The scope included the removal and renovation of approximately 100,000 square feet of pavement and 14,000 square feet of concrete sidewalks, milling and paving, restriping for an additional 112 handicapped parking stalls, installing signage, concrete handicap ramps and transitions, handicap railing, 40 new light poles, and various site lighting including wall packs, LED fixtures, wall-mounted cylinder LEDs, LED bollards, LED downlights, and new concrete flatwork. These updates aimed to improve accessibility and the overall functionality of the facility.

Midway through the project, an additional mandate required enhanced security measures, leading to the installation of anti-ram bollards around the hospital entrance. The project demanded meticulous planning and execution to ensure the VA remained operational, as many tasks were invasive and necessitated major shutdowns of entrances and parking lots. The facility’s location, directly across the street from the University of Florida Hospital, added complexity due to heavy traffic. Despite these challenges, the project successfully met its goals of improving accessibility and security at the Gainesville VA Medical Center, ensuring the facility continues to serve veterans effectively.