Install Building 13 Fire Sprinkler System

W.G “Bill” Hefner VA Medical Center (Salisbury, NC)

The W.G. “Bill” Hefner VA Medical Center in Salisbury, North Carolina, established in the mid 1950s has long served the veteran in the Salisbury area. Building 13, a two-story residential and administrative building, currently houses the hospital resident doctors and spans 7,563 square feet. The VA initiated this project to install a modern wet-type fire sprinkler system in this building, recognizing the need for updated fire safety measures. This design-build project, constructed by B2 Constructors, LLC, will enhance the safety and compliance of the facility with NFPA 13, state, and local fire protection standards.

The project scope involves extensive work to ensure comprehensive fire protection. This includes designing and installing a wet-type fire sprinkler system, with piping above the existing ceilings where possible. Approximately 3,367 square feet of acoustic ceiling tiles and grids will be selectively demolished and reinstalled on both the first and second floors. Additionally, around 1,154 square feet of gypsum wallboard ceiling will be removed and refinished, followed by corner-to-corner epoxy painting of the newly finished ceilings. The project also requires the design-build installation of fire controls, conduits, supports, junction boxes, and fire alarm cable/wire to connect new sprinkler flow switches and valve tamper switches on both floors. Electrical power and control wiring and conduit are also installed to power the field devices, alarms, switches, etc.

Additionally, the project includes underground utility work. Utility locates and trenching between the existing Post Indicator Valve (PIV) and Building 13 are provided. A hot box will be installed outside the building to house the fire line’s Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) backflow preventer. A new 6” ductile iron fire main will feed the building via its crawlspace.

This project ensures that all necessary measures have been taken to enhance the safety of Building 13’s residents, aligning with the VA’s commitment to maintaining safe, secure, and well-equipped facilities.