Install New Utility Meters and Flowmeters

Cincinnati VA Medical Center (Cincinnati, OH)

The Cincinnati VA Medical Center, located at 3200 Vine Street in Cincinnati, Ohio, spans a 35-acre campus with over 1 million square feet of space. Established to provide comprehensive healthcare services to veterans, the facility has evolved significantly over the years. Today, it treats approximately 43,000 veterans annually, offering a wide range of medical services, including primary care, specialty care, mental health services, and surgical procedures. The medical center’s extensive history reflects its commitment to adapting and growing to meet the changing needs of the veteran community, incorporating advanced medical technologies and expanding its services.

The “Install New Utility Meters and Flowmeters” project focused on upgrading the utility metering systems across the Cincinnati VA Medical Center campus and required calibrating existing flow meters to ensure accurate steam and chilled water metering. It also included the installation of new inline variable area steam flow meters in high-pressure steam piping and new instrumentation for measuring incoming high-pressure steam. This instrumentation was designed to transmit signals to the Energy Control Center (ECC). Additionally, the project included installing new ECC and Building Automation System (BAS) graphics and trends to enhance overall energy management.

The installation process included several critical steps, such as removing existing meters, installing new meters, and acquiring comprehensive data to ensure accurate energy usage tracking. The project scope covered various tasks, including general construction, mechanical, and electrical work, providing the seamless integration of new meters into the facility’s existing systems. This comprehensive approach modernized the Cincinnati VA Medical Center’s utility management systems, significantly contributing to the facility’s operational efficiency and sustainability.