Install Security Features

Durham VA Medical Center (Durham, NC)

The Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC), located at 508 Fulton Street in Durham, NC, has a long history of providing essential healthcare services to veterans. The facility, employing over 3,200 full-time employees and serving nearly 70,000 veterans annually, recently completed a significant project in March 2023 to enhance its security infrastructure. This project involved the installation of a state-of-the-art security fence around the campus perimeter to ensure the safety and security of patients, staff, and visitors.

B2 Constructors’ project scope included demolishing and removing the existing chain-link fencing, posts, and steel pipe bollards, then constructing fifty substantial cast-in-place concrete piers with oversized, reinforced concrete footings. Each pier was enhanced with a brick veneer and topped with a precast stone water table and pier cap. High-security anti-ram fencing was installed between the piers, effectively enclosing the entire campus perimeter. The project also included the installation of four pedestrian gates and seven anti-ram vehicular gates, along with dozens of passive vehicle barriers, such as oversized planters with deep steel posts set in concrete footings.

The project was meticulously planned to account for the site’s topography, existing security features, access patterns, and underground utilities, which serve not only the VA Medical Center but also Duke University and the City of Durham. Despite the challenges, B2 Constructors successfully completed the project on time and below budget. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to safety and our stakeholders’ well-being. The project ensures a secure and welcoming environment for all who visit and work at the Durham VAMC, further underscoring the facility’s commitment to providing a safe and secure environment while continuing its mission of delivering high-quality healthcare to veterans.