Provide Chiller Maintenance and Service

Fort McPherson VA Medical Center (Atlanta, GA)

The project involved maintaining and servicing four Trane air-cooled chillers at the Fort McPherson Veterans Administration Medical Center in Atlanta, GA. These chillers included models CGAM060, RTAC3000, CGAM080, and RTAA-300, with capacities designed to meet the needs of different buildings within the facility. The maintenance tasks covered a range of essential activities, including quarterly and annual inspections, emergency repairs, and component replacements. B2 Constructors was responsible for these activities, ensuring the chillers operated efficiently and effectively.

Additional scope was added during the project to address specific maintenance and emergency repair needs. This included tasks such as installing new condenser fan motors and blades, replacing valve gaskets and O-rings, sensor thermistors, and dryer cores, as well as adding refrigerant to the systems. Detailed tasks included diagnosing and repairing leaks, upgrading essential components, and ensuring all systems were insulated and protected against potential damage. These proactive measures were critical to maintaining the operational efficiency of the facility’s cooling systems and providing the continuous operation of the medical center’s infrastructure​