Provide Emergency Air Handler for the ER Department

Atlanta VA Medical Center (Decatur, GA)

When the Atlanta VA Medical Center urgently needed supplemental cooling capacity for its Emergency Room Department, B2 Constructors executed with precision and speed. The cooling system failure had brought the facility dangerously close to diversion status, which would have forced them to send patients to other hospitals. Recognizing the critical nature of the request, we swiftly coordinated an overnight delivery of a high-static air handler, secured the rental, arranged freight to the job site, organized crane rental services, and managed the installation of ducting and electrical connections.

Despite the short notice, we received the go-ahead on a Saturday afternoon. Our team worked tirelessly through the night, meticulously handling every logistical aspect. By Sunday midday, the air handler was fully operational, effectively cooling the Emergency Department. This rapid deployment was a testament to our team’s dedication and efficiency, showcasing our ability to respond to mission-critical customer requests with high levels of accuracy and efficiency.

This successful operation met the client’s immediate needs and exemplified our commitment to delivering high-quality, timely solutions. Our ability to mobilize quickly and execute flawlessly under pressure underscores B2 Constructors’ dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. By preventing the VA from reaching diversion status, we not only reinforced our commitment to assisting in any way we can by being a reliable partner in critical situations but also demonstrated our readiness to provide timely solutions that exceed expectations, ensuring the long-term stability and reliability of the Atlanta VA Medical Center.