Rehab Campus Surfaces

Mt. Home VA Medical Center (Johnson City, TN)

The James H. Quillen VA Medical Center, established in 1903, has a long history of providing comprehensive care to veterans. The facility serves as a major healthcare provider for veterans in the region, offering a full range of services, including primary care, specialized medical treatments, and long-term care. With a capacity of over 500 beds and serving thousands of veterans annually, the center is a crucial part of the VA healthcare system.

The “Rehabilitate Dogwood Avenue and Other Campus Surfaces” project at the James H. Quillen VA Medical Center in Mountain Home, Tennessee, involved significant upgrades to the infrastructure of this vital VA hospital. Completed in May 2023, the project included milling, repaving, and striping approximately 600,000 square feet of roadways and 240,000 square feet of parking lots. The key areas addressed included Dogwood Avenue, Brownlo Circle, First Street, Second Street, and most of the site’s parking lots. These enhancements were critical in ensuring safe and efficient traffic flow within the 247-acre campus, minimizing disruptions by scheduling most activities at night, Saturdays, and Sundays to ensure areas were ready for use by the start of the next business day. This project has improved the physical infrastructure and enhanced the overall experience for our veterans, their families, and staff, making us all proud of our positive impact.

This rehabilitation project is a testament to the VA’s dedication to offering a supportive and well-maintained environment for veterans, their families, and staff. It underscores the VA’s commitment to ensuring the longevity and functionality of its infrastructure, aligning with its mission to serve and support veterans.