Rental of 400 HP Fire Tube Boiler Plant

West Palm Beach VA Medical Center (West Palm Beach, FL)

The West Palm Beach VA Medical Center project involved the emergency rental and installation of a 400 HP fire tube boiler plant due to tube erosion in one of the existing Cleaver-Brooks boilers. B2 Constructors was selected for this task because of our extensive knowledge of the boiler plant and recent deaerator tank installation. The scope of work required B2 to provide a complete mobile boiler room setup, including a boiler, condensate tank, water softeners, and feedwater pumps, to ensure the medical center’s operations remained uninterrupted.

The installation connected the rental boiler to the existing main steam header, modified natural gas and fuel oil lines, and correctly integrated all water, steam, and condensate lines. B2 adhered to VA TIL Master Specifications and relevant ASME codes, performing all necessary electrical connections to meet NEC standards. The project also required the contractor to install new pipe insulation and provide VA Medical Center personnel with comprehensive training on operating and maintaining the rental mobile boiler plant. Additionally, B2 performed safety device testing on the boilers each quarter to ensure optimal performance and compliance with safety standards.

During the one-year rental period, B2 was responsible for all maintenance and repairs, including emergency response, within two hours, 24/7. The successful completion of this project ensured a seamless transition and reliable performance of the temporary boiler system, highlighting B2’s expertise and commitment to maintaining high standards in emergency boiler rental services.