Replace Deaerator

Jeffersonville Federal Center (Jeffersonville, IN)

The Jeffersonville Federal Center, a site with a rich historical legacy, was initially established as the Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot during the Civil War. It has a long-standing history of supporting military logistics and has evolved over the years to meet the demands of various military conflicts. By the mid-20th century, it transformed into the National Processing Center (NPC) for the U.S. Census Bureau, occupying over 75 acres and employing thousands during peak periods​.

B2 Constructors built this DA Tank Replacement project for the US Census Bureau, which involved boiler feedwater system upgrades, including removing the old aging deaerator tank and installing a new Cleaver Brooks ASME built deaerator tank, which had a capacity of 70,000 lbs/hr of steam flow and a 1,400-gallon feedwater storage capacity. The tank featured a high-temperature diffuser and stainless-steel internal surfaces, and the project also upgraded to a Spence 1/3 2/3 steam Pressure Reducing Valve station, new feedwater and makeup valve stations, and various piping systems needed to install the system.

Other project scope included electrical and control system upgrades, including new dP transmitters, new level controls, power wiring, LV and control conduit, boiler feedwater pump interlock, remote alarms, and safeguards for condensate pumps.
Miscellaneous job scope included removing/reinstalling a 26-foot curtain wall window, adding new structural steel to support the DA and surge tank, and demolishing and removing abandoned in-place tanks and associated piping.