Replace Fiber Optic Between the Administration/Maintenance Complex and the Public Information Center Buildings

Georgia National Cemetery (Canton, GA)

The Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, GA, is dedicated to honoring veterans and their families. Established on June 4, 2006, the cemetery spans 775 acres and serves as a serene and dignified resting place for those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. The cemetery has accommodated over 25,000 interments, providing a place of remembrance and respect for military personnel’s sacrifices.

The fiber optic cable replacement project at the Georgia National Cemetery was undertaken to enhance the cemetery’s communication infrastructure. B2 Constructors replaced the existing 2-strand fiber optic cable with a new 24-strand cable, installing over one mile of new cable. The project involved pulling the new cable through existing conduits, installing new 24-port patch panels in the Administration/Maintenance Complex and the Public Information Center Buildings, and terminating the new cable. Additionally, service loops were installed at strategic points to allow for future repairs, and bi-directional testing was performed on all 24 strands to ensure functionality.

Throughout the project, B2 Constructors adhered to strict guidelines to minimize disrupting the cemetery’s operations and maintain its decorum. The network remained active during most installations, with endpoint terminations carefully scheduled to avoid downtime. The project was executed with meticulous planning and execution, ensuring that the cemetery’s communication systems were significantly upgraded while preserving the site’s dignity and respect for those interred.​