Replace the Main Water Loop

Asheville VA Medical Center (Asheville, NC)

The Asheville VA Medical Center, a crucial establishment catering to over 31,000 veterans from Western North Carolina and parts of South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, has a long-standing tradition of delivering exceptional care. However, as the facility expanded to meet the growing needs of its community, its infrastructure, particularly the main water loop, aged significantly. This aging system, which had exceeded its useful life, was prone to frequent breaks, leading to emergency repairs that jeopardized the reliability and efficiency of the medical center’s operations. Realizing the urgent necessity for a reliable water supply, the decision was made to undertake the ‘Replace Main Water Loo” project. This significant endeavor would ensure the medical center’s operations continue without disruption​​ into the foreseeable future.

This project, built by B2 Constructors and our team of highly competent and exceptional subcontractors, was completed in December 2023. This significant undertaking involved the replacement of over 6,800 linear feet of 6” and 8” ductile iron domestic water piping around the hospital’s main campus, extending to the adjacent administration building. Despite the challenges, including tie-ins to every building on campus that led to temporary water outages and changeovers, the VA’s operations experienced minimal disruption. New pressure-reducing valves were installed at the city water tie-in locations to protect the medical center’s infrastructure. The project required extensive saw cutting, demolition, and restoration of asphalt and concrete; all managed with precision to ensure the medical center remained fully operational. The successful completion of this project has eliminated the risk of emergency water main breaks, provided a more reliable water supply, and significantly enhanced the overall efficiency and safety of the facility, a testament to the project’s positive impact on the medical center.